about me.

…. everything we see …. we  feel  it ….    rose

Designing internal or external spaces, must serve exactly that purpose. This may be the only thought I have in mind while designing, always trying to communicate the feeling that every space demands…. and when something is  aesthetically  positive usually is also practically correct.

Being still a student at the National Technical University of Athens (School of Architecture), I focused more into the interior design. My interest in designing theatrical or general stage sceneries was first came up the last two years of my studies, so my choices of lessons and projects were around that thought. By ending my studies, the desire, the pursuit and finally the achievement of the accession of teaching scenography in the University, defined actually my further professional steps.

Through my research and writing the book for the lesson of scenography, I passed from the theoretical approach right into the real art of scenograghy, the design and the construction of  stage sceneries, not only for the theatre, but also in musical shows. For more than 11 years, this “journey” counts countless scenery presentations and cooperations with many acknowledged actors, musicians, performers. At the same time, I was occupied for a short period in the Ministry of Culture (reconstructions of ancient monuments), but, in the end, this sense  of vigilance and ephemeral, I was getting throughout the process of designing and supervising stage sceneries, gave me no choice ….

The last years my presence in the designing field is more “free”, includes the general meaning of interior design, mostly for professional spaces (office, cafes, restaurants, exhibition stands or pavilions, commercial shops). Alongside, i concern myself designing furniture and art motifs.

dragonMy inspiration and ideas address to anyone who wants to  feel  more than we actually see.

Afrodite P.